Yaguara Ouro aged Rum

Yaguara Ouro aged Rum – March box

With March being the month of the Rio carnival, we thought it timely to showcase a Brazilian rum, Yaguara Ouro.  Yaguara have been producing small batch artisanal cachaça for five generations and the Ouro is the first aged rum from this distiller


Master blender Erwin Weimann has successfully delivered a smoother, more refined cachaça whilst managing to retain its distinctive taste thanks to creativity and a little science.  It is a blend of fresh sugarcane distillate, aged in three types of wood, Brazilian Amburana and Cambreúva, and American oak.


In March’s box;

Yaguara Ouro aged Rum 70cl – 42% alc./vol

x3 Fresh Limes

x3 Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks

Biscoito de Polvilho Brazillian Cheese Snack


The Expressions

This organic pale golden colour Cachaça has soft and creamy vanilla hints followed by a burst of intense earthy sugar cane notes.  Exotic spice and hints of chamomile round off this characterful, mellow and distinctive cachaça.  It can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails, try a traditional Caipirinha:


50ml Yaguara Ouro Cachaça

Half a fresh lime

X2 teaspoons demerara sugar


Method: Place lime and sugar into a tumbler and mash the two ingredients together using a muddler or wooden spoon. Fill the tumbler with crushed ice and add the Cachaça. Garnish with the remaining lime.


We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.


Saúde (Cheers),

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