The Best Craft Rum Club Subscription Service

Looking for the best UK rum subscription box service to discover craft rums and spiced rums from all over the world and be delivered FREE to your door every month? Or to purchase a rum gift for someone special with a service that puts you in control of when and how much your recieve? Welcome to the Craft Rum Club UK rum subscription service!


Donna the co-founder of Craft Rum Club has this to say. After a personal and frustrating journey into the diverse world of rum, we saw a need to build a community and provide a platform for other like-minded enthusiasts to demystify this versatile and complex spirit. We are now after 6 years, the longest running rum subscription service in the UK!

We’re all about growing and expanding and have one of the most influential players in the industry partnered and contributing to this journey. None other than multi award winning, Global Rum Ambassador & TV personality Ian Burrell. We are honoured to have his professional knowledge contributing to our monthly magazine in the form of signature cocktails curated from our monthly subscription boxes, so your in great hands! We also have Witch Kings rum hand produce all our delicious syrups to compliment your cocktails.



Steve the Barman another rum veteran and entertainer, offers a delightful unboxing of our rum subscription box each month and will also be conducting interviews. So there is something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

We are delighted to have partnered with Sham Mahabir, chef and owner of Limin Southbank, who will delight your tastebuds each month with his delicious authentic Trinidadian recipes.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it, take a listen to our members in the video, and we hope to welcome you to our rum community today. Cheers to that. drop any comments or feedback on our socils @craftrumclubuk