Discover July’s Subscription Box Featuring Marshall & Brown Spiced Rum

July's Surprise Box Featuring Marshall & Brown Spiced Rum

So great, we had to have them back again! If you’re someone who enjoys a bit of spice in your drinks, Marshall & Brown Spiced Rum is here to delight your taste buds. This remarkable spirit takes you on a flavourful adventure with its warm aromas and rich flavours. A blend of aged rums from Jamaica and Trinidad infused with

Discover July’s Subscription Box Featuring Rump@blic Origins Rum

Revealing July's Subscription Box Featuring Rump@blic Origins Rum

We have something special for you this month! Grab your (imaginary!!!) passport and transport yourself to the exotic location of Thailand & the Philippines. YES PLEASE! Embark on a culinary adventure to the exotic realms of Thailand and the Philippines with Rump@blic Origins, a delightful rum that encapsulates the essence of these vibrant cultures. Crafted from a blend of molasses and sugarcane juice

June’s Surprise Box Featuring Rumrise Spiced Rum

June's Surprise Box Featuring Rumrise Spiced Rum

A vibrant and refreshing blend of pineapple, coconut, and citrus, Rumrise Spiced Rum is a tropical paradise in a colourful bottle. Its tantalising flavours will evoke memories of sun-soaked beaches and warm, breezy afternoons, yes please!!. Rumrise is a tropical spiced rum made from rums hailing from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. These are both blends of rums with one of the

June’s Surprise Box Featuring Ron Carúpano Reserva 12 Exclusiva Rum

Ron Carúpano Reserva 12 Exclusiva Rum

Introducing this delightful triple double gold winning rum to our subscription box is a wonderful honor and one we hope you will thouroughly enjoy this summer. Whether it’s thanks to the climate and sugarcane of the Macarapana Valley or Carmen’s expertise in blending, Ron Carúpano is revered throughout the world. Made from high-sucrose sugarcane and fresh spring water from the Chuare River, Ron Carúpano

May’s Surprise Box Featuring J.Gow Spiced Rum

J.Gow Spiced Rum

J.Gow Scottish rum has some wonderful flavour notes to get your nose and taste buds happy. The spiced rum is made using their double distilled pot still rum as a base. Infused with 7 different spices from around the world, including two secret ingredients grown in Orkney. With only 5 grams of added sugar per litre, it’s a full bodied rum complimented with spices. Subtle citrus notes

May’s Surprise Box Featuring Kakira Gold Rum

Kakira Gold Rum

Export yourself to the motherland of Africa, and let us introduce this wonderful craft rum to your collection. Founded in the 1930s in the village of Kakira on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda, Kakira Sugar has been the largest grower-producer of sugar in East Africa for nearly a century. Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is at the very crossroads of sub-Saharan Africa, bordered


We just released our second podcast show on our youtube channel  and it features our Co Founder Donna. Along with our podcast host BoySaySo, we get into the nitty gritty with our rum of the month Lost Years Navy Strength Rum. Come hear how Donna got started with Rum, all about the Craft Rum Club and much more details about the founder of

Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert April: Rosemullion Honey Rum

Rosemullion Honey Rum

It’s great to welcome Rosemullion Distillery back to showcase another delicious spiced rum from their range. They are a craft distiller of artisan Cornish rum, gin and spirits. Founded in 2018, they are a multi-award-winning distillery operating from their own Cornish orchard and driven by a passion for creating high- quality full-flavoured spirits. 100% Cornish made rum, single pot distilled and aged with a good balance of

Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert April: Lost Years Navy Strength Rum

Lost Years Navy Strength Rum

Recognise the name? Yes we thought so! This month we’re delighted to welcome back the sustainable marine conservation rum brand, Lost Years, and to showcase their incredible Navy Strength Rum. Lost Years Rum is the small spirits brand with a big purpose - a range of exceptional rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. Not only is this a great rum but the brand

Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert March: Karisimbi Spiced Rum

Karisimbi Spiced Rum

Karisimbi Spiced Rum is not just a drink; it’s an experience. From the carefully curated blend of rums to the artful infusion of natural spices, every element has been thoughtfully crafted to transport you to the sun-soaked Caribbean shores with each sip. A true testament to the art of rum-making. The blending of Karisimbi Spiced Rum starts with a combination of aged and unaged rums sourced from

Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert February: DropWorks Spice Drop

DropWorks Spice Drop

British rums are about to get really interesting with these fresh new arrivals to the scene! , let us introduce you to DropWorks. The fresh new face on the rum scene, having only opened their epic distillery, right here in the heart of Britain, last Summer, they have already made huge waves. In a nutshell, DropWorks exists to create the tastiest Drops of Rum on a scale that’s never

Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert October: IslandSlice’s Masala Chai Spiced Rum

IslandSlice Spiced Rum

IslandSlice’s masala chai story unfolded in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, amidst the chaos and camaraderie of military life. It’s a story of one man’s journey into creating a rum that would not only transcend borders but also blend the flavours of two worlds. With his new found vision, Sylvester embarked on a journey of experimentation and refinement. An exotic and flavourful experience with each bottle showcasing

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