Splash Damage Rum Tasting Event

The Craft Rum Club were delighted to be asked to hold Splash Damage, a local gaming business and now the largest employer in Bromley who worked on some of the biggest franchises in the world, like Batman, Halo, and Gears of War (impressive)  to entertain their employee social events for their team and their families for an evening. So of course what better way than to educate and entertain than with our perfect miniture Craft Rum Club flight boxes that feature a set of wonderful miniture craft or spiced rums.

We had a crowd of guests with varying knowledge of rum who were welcomed with a delicious Pina Colada and of course being a gaming company there was also a Tekken competition  taking place in a main break-out area to add to the fun. (any tekken players out there?)

In the main room, everyone was handed a flight box with a mixture of craft and spiced rums to follow along in the presentation that took them on a journey all about rum, the stages of how rum is created, details on the 5 rums in their flight box and more.

They had a chance to ask questions, smell and savour wonderful rums. What a great crowd with lots of fun and laughter, of course what more could you expect from rum and gamers lol

To round of a special evening everyone was treated a parting good night Daiquiri. For those that loved the flight box they took them home to share with their partners and many said it was the perfect format for a tasting, so we are truly pleased with the feedback and can’t wait to do many more tastings.

If you are curious to venture more into the world of rums but not sure where to start, then just like these guys, why not give our Craft Rum Club flight boxes a try and discover your new favourite craft &/or spiced rum to get you started. Yum!