Smugglers Swizzle Featuring Copeland Rum


Not only is the bottle beautifully designed but when you crack open this wonderful rum you will be pleasantly surprised by what you sip! Here are some of the finer details to spark your curiosity to why we brought this beauty to the Craft Rum Club!

Our limited edition Grand Cru Bordeaux series is a blend of three-to-five year old dark rum from Barbados and double distilled rum produced in the Copeland Distillery. After a 336 hour fermentation, the spirit passed through our copper stills, before a precise cut is made to the ‘heads’ (the first part of the alcohol which is collected). This ensures the best possible taste and balance. Our carefully selected Barbados rum has been aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, with our own Copeland rum aged in Quarter bourbon barrels. After 8 months, we transfer the spirit into French Grand Cru casks to finish the rum for a period of 4 months. With these casks having held some of Bordeaux’s most prestigious wines of 2022, the flavour profiles are robust and full.

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Tasting Notes

NOSE | Opening with a strong, allspice and citrus burst; black peppercorn, fresh oak & brown sugar

PALATE | Sticky, velvet richness with hints of tropical fruits, orange & banana.

FINISH | Delectable cherry, dark chocolate & light vanilla. Well balanced.


Smugglers Swizzle

Say hello to the ‘Smugglers Swizzle’! Created by the fabulous mixologists in The Merrion Hotel, Dublin, this incredible cocktail uses our unique Grand Cru Bordeaux cask-aged rum. And if you can’t make it to The Merrion, this awesome cocktail is just as easy to make at home.

50 ml Copeland Smugglers’ Reserve rum
20 ml Ruby Port
15 ml Sugar syrup
A dash of Angostura bitters
Garnish with a slice of lime

Let us know if you give this Copeland rum or recipe a try. Cheers!