Missing Summer? yes me too, so here’s a lil perky number to bring the sunshine early. Let yourself be taken on a unique sensory journey through the authentic elements of Martinique that form the exceptional character of our SAINT JAMES rums.

The salty marshes of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are scrubbing our lands, creating a unique microclimate. This symphony of seas and winds gives our SAINT JAMES Rhums an incomparable complexity. MMMM i feel transformed already lol

(image & recipe courtesy @rhum_saintjames_fr)

SUMMER JAMES is the name of the cocktail and here’s the prep details.

The recipe:
First of all, prepare your homemade syrup the day before by macering in SAINT JAMES cane sugar syrup tonka beans, cinnamon sticks, badiana and a few spoons of bitter orange jam.

Then, in a glass filled with shaved ice or ice cubes, pour:
– 4 cl de Très Vieux Rhum SAINT JAMES VSOP 43°
– 2 cl of squeezed lime
– 2 cl of homemade syrup
– Extend the ginger bear
– ice cubes
– Tonka bean grated with garnish

Yes its not even Spring yet, but sometimes you need to create the sunshine a lil early lol. Cheers and enjoy.