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About Craft Rum Club

How did the concept of rum delivered to your door come about – well my passion for rum started when I met my partner Donna 7 years ago. Her family are from Jamaica and spent many nights drinking rum with them and getting to grips with this new culture. There have been a few mornings feeling slightly ‘dusty’ especially a Christmas day I seem to recall!

I have more recently met many people who have been introduced to the many types of rum and have had a whole new world open up to them. Going on a journey of discovery over the past year or so trying the different types of dark, spiced, white, golden or premium rums has fuelled a passion for rum where I want to surprise and educate people to the many rums and the way cultures drink them.

From our passion for rum Craft Rum Club was born and it is an absolute pleasure of ours to serve members with some of the finest rums, great cocktail ideas and simply everything rum delivered to your door.

Kevin & Donna

How it works – Rum delivered to your door

At Craft Rum Club we keep the contents of our member’s boxes a surprise.  When it arrives your box of rum will always include a full-size bottle of specially selected rum (a bottle of rum which is at least 70cl), a selection of mixers , cocktail ingredients and gourmet snacks.

Craft Rum Club Membership – Rum delivered to your door

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