Red Banana Sour Cocktail With Ron Colón Red Banana Oleo Rum.

Red Banana Sour

Country: El Salvador
ABV: 40.5%

Hey Rum friends, do we have a special weekend cocktail treat for you! . Featuring a bottle of Ron Colón Red Banana Oleo, a completely natural banana flavoured rum using some innovative methods to create a sweet but balance rum blend. Red Banana Oleo is full of tropical notes of fresh sugar cane and banana that are balanced by a hint of earthy funk. The notes are rounded by the natural sweetness in the blend. And that’s just for starters! Now for the best part, why don’t you give this red banana sour cocktail a try, apparantly its freaking delicious!

Red Banana Sour ingredients

60 ml red banana oleo rum by @roncolon111
30 ml lemon juice
Barspoon of simple syrup
2 dashes of chocolate bitters

Shake well with plenty of ice then shake dry (straining out the ice and shaking again)
Serve in a chilled coupe
No garnish

Thats it, do let us know if you try this yummy cocktail courtesy of Ron Colón. You can still grab a bottle of this wonderful rum here. enjoy