Wing Walkers Premium Spiced Rum With Presentation Box | 70cl | 40% VOL

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Wing Walkers Premium Spiced Rum with Limited Edition Presentation Box 70cl 40%

A historical trademark, the original Wing Walker Rum disappeared in the 1960’s but was discovered by Innovatus Drinks and brought to a fresh new life!

Today the rums produced in the Dominican Republic most closely mimic the Cuban rum for which that island is famous. They chose a Dominican rum for this reason; being Cuban influenced (refined, molasses-based, column distilled, charcoal filtered and old barrel- aged); however, produced on an artisan rather than an industrial scale.

The Venezuelan rum is produced under more stringent laws, being registered as ‘Ron de Venezuela’ Controlled Designation of Origin (CDO). CDO rums adhere to specific rules (ageing, barrel type; the rum can’t be altered by artificial colour, flavour or aroma and all ingredients are sustainably sourced from Venezuela). Venezuela’s favourable climate and richness of its lands produce an extraordinary sugar cane from which molasses with a greater concentration of fermentable sugars are extracted. This mode d’emploi allows Venezuelan rums to differentiate themselves from those of the rest of the world. When they tasted this difference firsthand; they loved it and wanted it for their Wing Walker.

That’s how the base rums were chosen for this premium spiced rum: to combine the vibrant result of Cuban influence with the authority of Venezuelan process. After 3 years in oak barrels, both rums leave the sunnier climes of the Caribbean and travel across the Atlantic where they are blended to specific Wing Walker proportions (which in itself took more than several iterations!). Then vanilla, caramel and their signature orange is added and all developed by the same master distiller that produces their gins.

  • An exceptionally smooth and silky rum
  • With subtle orange peel, vanilla and smooth caramel notes. These flavours take off through the spirit, making Wing Walker rum a perfect cocktail base