Tanduay Double Gold Rum

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One of Asia’s Best-Kept Secrets!

Bottle Size | 70cl

ABV | 40%

These silky-smooth rums from our own heritage sugarcane, reveal how Tanduay became a global leader in rum making. With its pure and distinctive taste, Tanduay Asian Rum is for those seeking greater complexity and sophistication. Tanduay Asian Rum – Double is a blend of two rums, a premium 16 year old rum and a traditional 5 year old rum. These two rums are then blended and aged for a further 2 years in once-used bourbon barrels.


COLOUR | Dark golden amber

NOSE | A well married flavours of tropical dried fruits, toasted nuts and cooked pineapple

BODY | Round fruity medium body

TASTE | A deluxe aged rum hitched with taste of caramelized pinapple with a mellow blend of cherry and vanilla.

FINISH | Elegant medium-long woody notes, raisin and tropical zest finish

AGEING | Blend of rums aged for 16 and 5 years married in ex bourbon barrel for 2 years.