Rumspiration Magazine ISSUE 15 July 2021

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July’s is here with a bang. Two fantastic rums with exceptional flavour profiles, interview with Talula White of Sekforde Tailored Mixers, unique cocktails to try celebrating national daiquiri day, competitions and much much more crammed into the latest edition.

Our rum of the month features the latest expression from the Equiano Rum Co. bringing an exceptional blend of fresh sugar cane juice rum from the Grays Distillery in Mauritius and barrel aged rum from the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. In Rumspiration you can read all about Olaudah Equiano, the 18th Century writer, entrepreneur, abolitionist and freedom fighter with tasting notes and cocktail recipes courtesy of Ian Burrell, the global rum ambassador (ingredients in the box).

For our spiced & flavoured rum of the month we launched Belgrove’s newest creation with fig and blackberry infused into single origin rum from Demerara with a great write up and further cocktails to try.

Along with the in-depth features on our rums in this month box we are celebrating the history of the sound system and influence it has had on British culture. This is an electrifying and exciting journey which will be run over the next three months with Zoe Baxter aka ‘Lucy Cat’ kicking us off with the origins of this cultural phenomena.