Rumspiration Magazine ISSUE 13 May 2021

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For our ‘Anniversary Edition’ we are celebrating with features about the rum of the month from Damoiseau in Guadeloupe 🇬🇵 ,interview with Cleméntine Guillot, Damoiseau European Brand Ambassador, ‘The Manchester Rum Festival’ with an article on Agricole Rhum, DJ set from Jon Brent (AKA the original gidman), our cocktail of the month – the classic Bellini with 3 other recipes to try, food corner and catching up with the team at Two Drifters Distillery in Devon for and interview to see how they are getting on since we featured their delicious spiced rum in September 2020.

Every excited to be heading into year 2 with a bang 💥👊 thank you for all your support 🙏❤️