What’s in your Rum n Games kit?

  • What Next? board game
  • 70cl Real McCoy 5 Year Old Rum (40% ABV)
  • 425g Coco Lopez cream of coconut
  • 250ml Frobisher’s pineapple juice
  • 130g Opies cocktail cherries

Rum n Games Club Featuring What Next?

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Rum n Games Club launches 

When Rum Meets The Board Gamer!

Looking to host a games night that your friends and family won’t want to leave? Enter the Rum n Games Club who have teamed up with Zatu Games to bring you the ultimate games night experience.

Rum n Games Club Featuring What Next?

What Next?, by Big Potato (party game specialists) is a wonderful hybrid of a game. You play in a cooperative manner, as you advance along the choose-your-own-adventure narrative. The story has a deck of numbered cards, and you start with number 1. You read the narration aloud, painting the scene. At the bottom of the card, you have a choice to make. If you want to do option A, go to card 2. If you want to do option B, go to card 5…

Depending on your choices, the plot advances (in rather weird and wonderful ways)! At some points this could result in a mini game such as a puck-flicking challenge or the find-the-shape challenge (against the clock), or a shape-building challenge. Or something different altogether! Upon success, you advance (maybe even picking up bonus items!). On a failure, however, you have to start building a ‘Tower of Peril’ out of purple, misshapen blocks. Think Jenga, but even more unstable! If the tower topples, it’s game over straight away. You win if you can make it to the end of the adventure deck.

What Next? is a hilarious team game from Big Potato. There are three separate adventures: The Drums of Koala Cave, The Skyscraper Caper, and Blinky’s Great Escape. They range in difficulty, meaning there’s an adventure here for every kind of group.

Mix up an authentic Piña Colada with the Rum n Games Club, the most popular rum based cocktail and get your games night off to a flying start! What Next? Featured in The Telegraph top 10 family board games list Christmas 2021 so for an unforgettable games experience with friends and family look no further.

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