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Mauricia Rum Signature Ambrè is made from pure fresh sugar cane juice, fermented for about 30 hours with selected yeasts. It is then continuously distilled using a small column of South African origin. At the end of the distillation, the rum is aged for up to 24 months in brandy and American white oak barrels, both new and ex bourbon.

Mauricia Rum Signature Ambrè is a rum with a golden color. The nose is slightly spicy and floral, with notes of lemon zest accompanying softer notes of honey and vanilla. It is fresh and slightly woody, with light notes of roasting. In the mouth it is warm and dry, with notes of toasted wood accompanying a sweet spiciness in a rather long and round finish.

Mauricia’s range of rums are made from 100% pure fresh sugar cane juice and are named after the owners sugar cane Domaine. From the 19th century until today, Domaine Mauricia has always been managed in the same way and today it has 6,000 hectares of sugar cane.

Exclusively marketed in the UK by Craft Rum Club.