March’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring Goldstone Rum

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Goldstone Amber Rum: A Proper British Scratch Rum

March’s Craft Rum of the Month has landed🍹🍹🍹

A blend of fresh sugar cane juice, jaggery, panela and molasses, a recipe not seen before in rum

John and Georgina Bowell have spent months researching and developing recipes to achieve the perfect taste and are advocates of sourcing materials and ingredients through local companies for their Goldstone distillery.

Their rum is made by fermenting a blend of fresh sugar cane juice, jaggery, panela and molasses, a recipe not seen before in rum, which gives it a distinctive flavour. Something for which they have been given much praise from industry experts.

Their four sugars have each been chosen for their particular characteristics; fresh sugar cane juice is added to the fermentation within hours of being pressed to maintain optimum freshness – it adds notes of baked banana. Jaggery, a solid sugar from India which gives the rum a subtle caramel hint. Panela, an unrefined whole cane sugar from South America, adds richness, and molasses gives the rum its spicy rich flavour. To give it its amber colour a small amount of caramel has been added to the spirit just before bottling.


Their classic white rum is the base for their rums including Amber. The Amber rum is an unaged, unfiltered white with a touch of caramel for colouring. This lends a slight sweetness on the back end, whilst the forward notes bring grassy, tropical fruits and baked banana leaves. The Amber continues to grow on the palate after some time, bringing hints of hazelnut and liquorice. Goldstone ferment using a new yeast strain which has allowed them to create a complex and smooth rum like no other.


Goldstone Amber Rum 40% ABV
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Soffles Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips

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