El Ron del Artesano Amarone Cask

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An exceptional rum from El Ron del Artesano aged in an Amarone Cask

Bottle Size | 70cl

ABV | 43.5%

A limited edition and perfect company for cozy nights in. El Ron del Artesano Amarone Cask is a dry rum with a touch of fruity sweetness, and complexity which will keep you coming back for more


The nose starts with sweet and gentle aromas of vanilla, cookie dough and some orange.
After some seconds in the glass you can also smell in which cask this rum has been aged and the aromas of the Amarone cask show up with hints of plum, cherry and a bit of wood.
There are also some hints of Grapefruit and dark cacao.

On the tip of the tongue it seems to be a cherry-juice at first.
Through your mouth it moves with an oily texture and a nice, equilibrated style.
The orange is stronger on the palate but you can still find vanilla.
The cacao seems to change into dark chocolate without bein

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