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May’s Surprise Craft Box of Rum comes from the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe and the Damoiseau Distillery. A new product for the UK for our members to enjoy 🍹🍹❤️ – perfect for those long sunny days ☀️ 😎

Inside May’s box;

*Arranges Pink Guava – 70CL | 30% VOL (no additives)

*Damoiseau Rhum – 2Cl | 50% VOL

*Quello Semi-Sparking Wine 200ml | 11% VOL

*x2 Merchants Heart Tonic – 200ml

*Sunita Lime Juice – 200ml

*Darling Spuds 40g SEA SALT & CRACKED BLACK PEPPER (will be substituted)

*Club Magazine -
#rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 013 (the only monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK). For our ‘Anniversary Edition’ we are celebrating with features about the rum of the month, interview with Cleméntine Guillot, Damoiseau European Brand Ambassador, ‘The Manchester Rum Festival’ with an article on Agricole Rhum, DJ set from Jon Brent (AKA the original gidman), our cocktail of the month – the classic Bellini with 3 other recipes to try, food corner and catching up with the team at Two Drifters Distillery in Devon for an interview to see how they are getting on since we featured their delicious spiced rum in September 2020.


The idea behind the Damoiseau Pink Guava was to replicate a typically traditional Antilles style. A myth tells that guava juice was called “the nectar of gods.”
Guava is a tropical fruit, similar to apples and pears, round or oval- shaped with green, yellow, or slightly pink skin. The fruit contains small, hard seeds and has a fragrant, flowery aroma and bold flavour, it tastes like a combination of pear and strawberry. The freshly cut guava are instantly bottled with rhum agricole from Guadeloupe, sugar cane syrup and vanilla. Meticulous maceration makes for a particularly flavoursome product.

APPEARANCE: Pale yellow
NOSE: INTENSE ! – guava, strawberry, peach, fresh cane, vanilla
PALATE: Well-rounded, mellow attack. The exotic flavors burst in mouth
BEST ENJOYED: Stored in the refrigerator. Once the bottle has been opened, don’t
forget to shake it regularly for optimal preservation.