CRFC Rum Flight
Equiano Light, Real McCoy 5yr, The Lovers Rum, Mauricia Signature, Saint James VSOP.

CRFC Spiced Rum Flight
Foursquare Spiced Rum, Neptune Caribbean Spiced, Devon Rum Co Honey Spiced Rum, Belgrove Spiced Fig & Blackberry Spiced Rum, Wing Walker Premium Spiced Rum.

CRFC Mixed Rum & Spiced Rum Flight
Equiano Light, The Lovers Rum, Real McCoy 5yr, Devon Rum Co Honey Spiced Rum, Wing Walker Premium Spiced Rum.

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Welcome To Craft Rum Flight Club

Curious about rum?

Craft Rum Flight Club is not just a great gift, it’s also a great way to try different rums without investing in a full size bottle of rum. Each flight contains five 5cl bottles and a brochure to tell you about each rum.

Perfectly sized for you to discover the colourful world of rum. With a choice of three flights, where will your first flight take you?