Bone Idyll Botanical Rum

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Bottle Size | 70cl

ABV | 43%


Bone Idyll Botanical Rum is a blend of Bone Idyll aged rum and rums from Barbados, Guyana and Dominican Republic which are aged for up to 8 years and giving an average age of 5 years.  Bone Idyll explain it as a rum that has been redistilled with other ingredients in order to flavour the liquid more subtly, as opposed to a traditional spiced rum which is typically infused and sweetened. Described as balance in a bottle, it is a perfect mix of pot still and column still.

Tasting Notes:

Immediately on the palate and the nose is that fresh pepper flavour; green, fresh, and vegetal the rum really starts off bright. Just before that starts to get too savoury, the banana comes in to save the day with fruity sweetness, the lime leaf finishes things off at the end with a touch of earthy citrus. All throughout and constantly underlying those flavours are all the beautiful balanced flavours of the three-island base rum blend.

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