OneLove Supreme 5 Island Spiced Rum

OneLove Supreme 5 Island Spiced Rum – February’s Box

February’s rum is from an English artisan producer of fine rum from Kettering. Inspired by their love of reggae, OneLove rum have produced a supreme blend of aged Caribbean rum from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Cuba & Hispaniola (Dominican Republic). These 5 rums bring their own uniqueness and characteristics to an expertly blended bottling. Select tropical spices are added to produce this spirit drink which we believe is of utmost quality. The heady aroma and deliciousness, we hope you agree, makes OneLove spiced rum one of the best you will taste.


In February’s box;


OneLove Supreme 5 Island Spiced Rum 70cl – 43% alc./vol

Schweppes Ginger Ale 200ml x2

Grace Chili Plantain Chips – 85g


The Expressions


The delicate flavours of vanilla and sweet, sticky treacle alongside delicate vegetal spiciness can be tasted on the palette. As this spiciness fades a warming kick of root ginger rises and the subtle heat lingers.


This spirit is very versatile. We have been enjoying it with the Schweppes Ginger Ale (included in your box). Add a double shot of the OneLove spiced rum over ice into a highball glass. Pour the ginger ale to taste then sit back and relax – recommend putting on some sweet reggae music from Beres Hamond to enjoy the moment.


We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.




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