Copeland Distillery

October’s Surprise Craft Box of Rum features The Copeland Grand Cru Bordeaux Limited Edition Series 

We are celebrating autumnal flavours with a very tasty October rum box from Northern Ireland.

The Copeland Grand Cru Bordeaux Limited Edition Series is a blend of 3-5year aged rum from Barbados and double distilled pot-still rum produced in the Copeland Distillery. After a 336-hour fermentation, the spirit passes through 2 copper-pot stills; Betty, a 600L wash still, and Hessie, our 500L spirit still, before a precise heads cut is taken for optimum taste and balance. 

The carefully selected Barbados rum has been aged in bourbon barrels, with our own Copeland rum aged in Quarter Bourbon casks. After 8 months we have transferred the spirt to 8 x Premier One, French grand cru Bordeaux casks to finish for a period of four months. The flavour profiles drawn out of the French oak are deliciously robust and full. 

Further into our box this month;

x1 LEMON SOUR – A sophisticated citrus blend of aromatic sour lemon enhanced by zesty orange notes delicately balanced with the subtle bitterness of gentian, creating a unique, clean and refreshing taste. 
x1 GINGER LIME – Fresh zest of lime is warmed by soft, Jamaican style gingers in this mixer. Chai spices offer hidden depths. 
Bold and fruity. Big, delicious summer fruits combined with a hint of citrus and a subtle ginger finish. 
x1 Craft Rum Club Bartender Syups 
Our premium hand-crafted cocktail syrups are the perfect accompaniment to any drink. Designed and produced specifically for the Craft Rum Club by the team at Witch Kings Rum. 
Premium hand cooked pork crackling! The finest pork rind is selected and double cooked for a lighter texture, then a special Salt & Vinegar seasoning is added to create a truly delicious crackling.
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Enjoy the flavours 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹💥💥🎶

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