World's End Navy 57

Navy rum from Worlds Ends – December’s Box

Exclusively in our Christmas box comes this unique Navy rum from Worlds Ends. It’s their fifth rum in a widening range of fine rums. Blended with quality rums which have been selected on typical flavour notes from Trinidad, Jamaican Worthy Park and Hampden estates. Navy 57 is certainly a rum to keep you warm during the winter months and at 57%ABV it has an over-proof feel but delivers on spice.


In Decembers box;                                                                                                

World’s End Navy 57 – 57% alc./70cl

X2 Fentimans ginger ale/125ml

Cocoba Christmas Cracker (Chocolate)


The Expressions

The rum packs a powerful punch with an over-proof feel as expected with an ABV of 57%. It’s then that this complex spirit comes to life with warm spiced flavours. The rum mixes extremely well with the fever-tree ginger ale. Add a shot of the Navy 57 over ice and pour ginger ale to taste.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Craft Rum Club