May’s Surprise Box Featuring Kakira Gold Rum

Kakira Gold Rum

Export yourself to the motherland of Africa, and let us introduce this wonderful craft rum to your collection. Founded in the 1930s in the village of Kakira on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda, Kakira Sugar has been the largest grower-producer of sugar in East Africa for nearly a century. Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is at the very crossroads of sub-Saharan Africa, bordered by Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, the DRC and South Sudan. It is home to a rich diversity of animal and plant life including the famous mountain gorillas, lions, elephants and crocodiles, many of which benefit from the work of the Kakira Wildlife Foundation.

Kakira Gold is aged in cask on the Equator for a minimum period of 7 years. It is then cut with water from from the source of the River Nile before bottling.
This extra ageing and double cask maturation gives Kakira Gold Rum a warm, long and complex finish with upfront notes of honey, dried fruit and banana. It is a rich and rewarding rum which can be enjoyed on its own or as a stellar ingredient in cocktails.

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