May’s Surprise Box Featuring J.Gow Spiced Rum

J.Gow Spiced Rum

J.Gow Scottish rum has some wonderful flavour notes to get your nose and taste buds happy. The spiced rum is made using their double distilled pot still rum as a base. Infused with 7 different spices from around the world, including two secret ingredients grown in Orkney. With only 5 grams of added sugar per litre, it’s a full bodied rum complimented with spices. Subtle citrus notes with warm undertones of stem ginger and a smooth rounded sweetness. Flavours of soft moist ginger cake with oatmeal and cinnamon cookies, and a long warming spice finish. Serve neat, over ice or mixed with ginger beer or cranberry juice. Sounds like a tasty sipper to me!

Every step of the rum-making process, from fermentation, distillation, ageing, and bottling is meticulously carried out on-site at the J. Gow Rum distillery.
Read the full story of this Scottish rum in our latest RUMSPIRATION Magazine. & enjoy the contents of this months box.

And now to the box content goodies!

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