May’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring The Two Drifters Signature Rum


May’s craft rum is here and is an exclusive 1st release for our members from the Two Drifters distillery showcasing their new Two Drifters Signature Rum.

The distillery founders Gemma and Russ Wakeham have over the years experimented with many parts of the rum making process to find ‘their flavour’, and the new profile marries perfectly with orange. The gentle flavours of orange peel and burnt sugar that come from the Madeira casks is a match made in Devon! 

Until now, the Two Drifters Signature Rum has been a Pot Still Rum, diluted to 40% abv and then coloured with burnt sugar. It wasn’t for the purest but Two Drifters we’re only three years old and do not buy in rum, so they couldn’t just bottle a cask rum from the start. This rum showcases what is to come from Two Drifters and going forward the Two Drifters Signature Rum will always be made using Madeira casks. 

Two Drifters have an amazing new look since showcasing their Spiced Rum in 2020. They have awards, are exporting to over 12 countries, are on the shelves of renowned British stores and served in some of the best bars, have awesome employees and are B Corp Certified. So far Two Drifters have removed over 16 tonnes of CO2 permanently from the air with their carbon negative footprint. Fantastic story and a great read in #rumspiration_magazine

Further into May’s box;

x1 @twodriftersrum Signature Rum 40% ABV
x1 @punchydrinks peach Ginger & Chai
X1 @frobishersjuices Cherry Juice
x1 @angosturauk Aromatic Bitters 44.7% ABV
x1 @flamencassnacks Flamenco Black truffle Crisps
x1 @peakzuk hazelnut Chocolate Crunchy Squares

#rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 025 (the premier monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK) – featuring the rums of the month, recipes to inspire the homebartender and cocktails designed by Ian Burrell, the global rum ambassador, food corner, CRC Radio featuring Tiny T and much more!

Enjoy 🍹🍹🍹🍹😎😎🙏

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