Jackdaw Cave Spiced Rum

May’s Surprise Box of Spiced Rum Featuring Jackdaw Cave Spiced Rum

Jackdaw Cave – The taste of adventure

May’s Spiced Rum from Jackdaw Cave creates a taste of adventure!

Jackdaw Cave Spiced Rum is a product born out of both: a passion by Far Shore Merchants for developing outstanding artisan rums and precision distilling with the finest ingredients. Inspired by an old smugglers’ cave hidden in a jagged cove on the rugged coast of the Isle of Man  – complete with a hole in the roof to lower illicit cargo into waiting boats below – Jackdaw Cave is a celebration of the romance, intrigue and excitement of the early days of rum trading. 

Tasting notes;
With warming notes of vanilla, orange, and caramel, undertones of exotic spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, plus hints of coffee, ginger, and pepper, this fragrantly flavoured rum was created to both satisfy connoisseurs and attract new drinkers to the market.

Jackdaw Cave is distilled from scratch by the hugely talented Tom Read of The Cornish Distilling Company. Using unique recipes, grade A molasses and the best ingredients available, the distillation process is carefully controlled from fermentation to ageing to ensure the rums are rich, flavourful, and easy to drink.

In the case of Jackdaw Cave, the secret is to add the spices whilst the rum is at 60% ABV, when it is left to macerate for a few weeks, so the alcohol has time to extract all these flavours. It is then sweetened with raw cane sugar before Cornish spring water drops the ABV to 37.5%.

A gold medal winner in The Spirits Business Design and Packaging Awards 2021, Jackdaw Cave is also a silver medal winner in The Spirits Business Rum & Cachaça Masters 2022 for taste.

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