March’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring Ron Abuelo 12 Años


In 1908, at the dawn of the new Panama, José Blanco Varela not only moved countries but also moved minds. He established the country’s first sugar mill and gave his sons the freedom to begin crafting fine aged rums. Valera brought local communities together, respected the land and looked after his workers.

February’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring J. Gow Revenge Rum

Probably the smallest rum producing island in the world

J. Gow rum is named after Orkneys very own 18th century pirate John Gow. J. Gow Rum distillery sits metres away from the sea on Lamb Holm, a 0.15 square mile uninhabited island. Which makes it probably the smallest rum producing island in the world. John Gow’s short, violent career began in Amsterdam in the

February’s Surprise Box of Spiced Rum Featuring Sugar House Scotch Bonnet Spiced Rum

Infused with tropical fruits and Scotch Bonnet Pepper for that extra kick

Sugar House rum takes inspiration for its name from the original 17th Century rum producers of Scotland, the Glasgow Sugar Houses. There were four Sugar Houses in total that refined the imported sugar from the West Indies to sell to local merchants. They also figured out that they could make use of

January’s Surprise Box of Spiced Rum Featuring Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced

Made Using Sustainable Natural Ingredients

Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced is made using sustainable natural ingredients and blended from the finest 5, 3 and 2-year-old rums, selected from four Caribbean islands for their unique flavour profiles.

We expertly infuse passion fruit, Persian lime with vanilla and cinnamon, giving an exceptional full-bodied Caribbean spiced rum. An exceptional sipping rum, with your favourite mixer

Black Tot Jan box of rum

January’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring Black Tot Finest Caribbean

Black Tot Finest Caribbean - 46.2% ABV

A few years after releasing Black Tot Last Consignment, the question became - what do we do when the rum runs out? Rather than try to copy Last Consignment, they decided to reboot the blend completely - what would the Navy drink if they were having a tot blended for them today? They experimented with different

Christmas Spiced Rum Box Featuring Satchmo Mojito Flavoured Rum

A Delicious Liquid Homage To A Genius

Armed with a trumpet shaped bottle called SATCHMO and gaining more and more interest in rum, who would’ve guessed the flavour profile the liquid would take. After a Mojito Pitcher in a cocktail bar in Cannes, SATCHMO rum was born. Smooth and cool, like the unique and distinctive trumpet bottle from which it pours, SATCHMO salutes the

Christmas Craft Rum Box Featuring Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo 11-Year-Old

Journey To The Cradle Of Light

Relaunched in time for Christmas is one of Cuba’s best kept secrets - Ron Santiago de Cuba. With an undeniable aroma and taste, this is a favourite of Cubans and Cuban rum connoisseurs and widely recognised as the highest expression of Cuban rum making tradition from the South-East of the island.

Ron Santiago de Cuba

November’s Surprise Spiced Rum Box Features the 45 Scottish Spiced Rum from Jacobite Spirits Co

Spirit Of The Rebellion

Their Glasgow start-up craft distillery was launched in 2020 by a group of eight friends. 

They make their rum from scratch with molasses, a by-product of sugar production. The 45 is a strong, robust spiced rum (45% ABV) with a warming and subtle taste profile. It blends international spices and Scottish botanicals, with hints of ginger, vanilla,

November’s Surprise Craft Box of Rum Features Cihuatán Indigo

Rum In Honor of Mayan Gods

Established in 2004, Licorera Cihuatán is a craft distillery based in El Salvador, and a division of Ingenio La Cabaña, one of this country’s most diversified sugar mills, with almost a century of mastering sugarcane. Licorera Cihuatán produces exceptional rums and controls the entire production chain, starting from the sugarcane seed, distilling, ageing, blending and bottling, thereby ensuring

October’s Surprise Box of Spiced Rum featuring The Devon Rum Co. Honey Spiced Rum

Continuing with our theme of autumnal flavours, we have a very tasty Honey Spiced Rum from the Devon Rum Co.

From day one we wanted to make sure that wherever possible we championed locally sourced ingredients in our rums too,” explained Giles Gray – the brand’s Head of Sales. “That’s why every bottle is blended with soft Devon spring water from our friends at

Copeland Distillery

October’s Surprise Craft Box of Rum features The Copeland Grand Cru Bordeaux Limited Edition Series 

We are celebrating autumnal flavours with a very tasty October rum box from Northern Ireland.

The Copeland Grand Cru Bordeaux Limited Edition Series is a blend of 3-5year aged rum from Barbados and double distilled pot-still rum produced in the Copeland Distillery. After a 336-hour fermentation, the spirit passes through 2 copper-pot stills; Betty, a 600L wash still, and Hessie, our 500L spirit still,


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