Sweet tamarind, coconuts and pineapple!!!🍍🥥🥜 prepair to fall in love with this delicious cocktail treat using our rum of the month kromanti 🍹🍹
For all the sweet toothed, cream lovers with a twist of African spices, the KOKO KRAMANTI helps celebrate the little glimpses of Spring now coming into view! Anyone else spot the first colourful beginigs of Crocus flowers? 😍💐
Featuring our sold out Kromanti rum of the month, why not give this beauty a try and if you missed out on our January subscription box, don’t worry, we still have a few single bottles left, so be sure to drop by our store for some goodies.  And now to the tasty part….
50ml Kromanti Tamarind Rum
20ml Tamarind juice
50ml Coconut syrup/cream 15ml Sugar cane syrup Dash of Pineapple juice
Pinch African spices (Nutmeg / Cinnamon / Clove)
– Shake and strain, pour over ice. ENJOY!
if you try this do let us know how you enjoy the taste or how you put your own twist on it. You can find this and more recipes, stories and more in our rumspiration magazine. Cheers rum family😋😍