June’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring SAINT OGUN Rum


June’s Rum of the Month has landed, SAINT OGUN RUM @saintogun is an award winning and harmonious blend of pure rum, wrapped in a truthful and unique story.

SAINT OGUN is a blend from five celebrated and iconic distilleries from Jamaica 🇯🇲, Guyana 🇬🇾, and Barbados 🇧🇧, including @foursquare_rum_distillery and Clarendon 🇯🇲, each with differing styles, but all sharing a long history and expertise in rum-making.

Tasting notes:

On the nose, SAINT OGUN is a lift of tropical fruit notes, strong in pineapple, banana and apricot, with a mild sweetness that is coated in wisps of light oak.
Reaching the tongue, sweeter fruity senses give way to a rounded, evolving taste that brings out clementine and lime to balance a deep, warm but crisp soft vanilla hinted aftertaste.
Further inside you’ll find;⁠
💛 @artisandrinksco Bubbly Soda Water
💛 @folkingtonsdrinks Pineapple Juice
💛 @savoursmithsBubbly & Serrano Chilli
💛 @sunitafinefoods Sicilian Lemon Juice
💛 Bespoke Craft Rum Club Hibiscus Syrup made by @witchkingsrum

💛 #rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 026 (the premier monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK) – featuring our rums of the month, recipes to inspire the homebartender and cocktails designed by Ian Burrell, @therumambassador food corner, CRC Radio featuring @mrhiggsandmrparker and much more!

Enjoy 🍹🍹🍹🍹😎😎🙏

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