July Rum Box

July’s surprise box of Rum – Craft Rum Club

July’s surprise box of Rum comes from Antigua and is one of our favourite rums.

This fine rum is distilled in traditional copper stills and matured in oak barrels.

In July’s box;

  • English Harbour Aged 5 Years 70cl – 40% alc./vol
  • Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum 5cl – 63% alc./vol
  • Angostura aromatic bitters 20cl – 44.7% alc./vol
  • Monin Pur Sucre de Canne
  • Organic Lime
  • Organic Nutmeg 
  • English Harbour 5 Year Old Rum

The polished copper hue of the spirit prepares the drinker for the initial impression of cherry, oak and a wisp of smoke. The first sip of ripe apple, coconut and hints of cinnamon fill the palate. Then the slightly sweet coconut, spice and smoke finish complement the body of the mature spirit.

Rich…amber colour. Mildly spicy, banana nut bread aromas…off dry medium to full bodied palate with robust toffee, roasted nuts, sugared butter and brown spice flavours…very rich and sexy with great mix ability. This is a fine sipping rum but is also great in a cocktail.

Antigua Rum Punch is our featured cocktail of the month using the ingredients contained within the box. We really enjoyed putting our take on this local drink and hope you enjoy a taste of the Caribbean.

We look forward to supplying your next surprise box.


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