July’s Surprise Award Winning Craft Box of Rum from the Equiano Rum Company

July’s Surprise Craft Box of Rum is a ‘journey of enlightenment’ showcasing the very 1st multi-award winning African & Caribbean rum from the Equiano Rum Company.

Inside our July’s Equiano Rum box;

* Equiano – 70CL | 43 % ABV
* x1 Sekforde Sicilian Orange, Rosemary & Gentian – 200ml
* x1 Sekforde refreshing Lime, Mint & Cacao – 200ml
* Thatchers Rose Cider – 440ml | 4% ABV
* Blossoms Grenadine Syrup – 100ml
* Darling Corn Toasted Kernels – Barbecue flavour

#rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 015 (the only monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK) – featuring our rums of the month, interview with Talula White founder of Sekforde Tailored Mixers, feature on UK sound system culture, an introduction & DJ set on by Lucy Cat, our cocktail of the month ’the captain shaddock’ with 11 cocktail recipes, celebrating National Daiquiri Day on the 19th July. A jam packed edition!


A Journey of Enlightenment

Equiano Light comprises molasses rum distilled at the award-winning Foursquare Distillery, in copper pot stills that give the rum greater complexity and depth of flavour. It is truly an artisanal small batch process, whilst the column still allows the final blend to have a superior balance both in aroma and on the palate. It is then blended and aged in once used Bourbon barrels for a minimum of 3 tropical years. The Barbadian rum is then skilfully blended with unaged rum made from fresh sugarcane juice from Africa. This “cane juice” rum is distilled in a single column still to produce a refreshingly light rum that retains all of the natural grassy notes of the raw sugar cane ingredients.


In your glass you’ll see a subtle light golden hue, almost sugarcane beige, which is a result of the careful blending of barrel aged and unaged rums from Barbados & Mauritius.

ON THE NOSE: A harmonious balance of fresh sugarcane with hints of vanilla, dried light oak and touches of earthy, herbal notes normally associated with sugarcane juice rum. The 43% abv also delivers aromas of light tropical fruits, citrus oils and hints of green apple as it warms and acclimatises to your glass.

ON THE PALATE: The initial mouth feel of this light rum is a medium sweet taste of ripe sugarcane, more tropical fruit and citrus peel, layered with green apples, pears and hints of vanilla and light oak on the palate. The experience is light bodied with the natural, subtle sweetness of exotic fruits.

TO FINISH: The aged Barbadian component takes centre stage here, as the tropical aging of the rum, in once used American oak barrels, leaves a light dusting of wood on the finish. The initial sweetness quickly dries off leaving citrus peel, touches of vanilla, white pepper and sweet spices.



Foursquare Rum Distillery is wholly owned by the Seale family and is thus one of the few remaining independent family-owned producers in the Caribbean. The distillery exports RL Seale 10-Year-old, the Foursquare exceptional cask series, the Doorly’s range of fine rums and a partnered collaboration with The Real McCoy Rum and now the World’s first African & Caribbean rum, Equiano. The Distillery has been the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) Rum Producer of the Year four times, in 2016 through 2019 and the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) Rum Producer of the Year twice, in 2016 and 2018.


Gray’s Distillery is a member of the Terra Group and a pioneer of distillation in Mauritius. The sugar cane harvest starts in June, every year. From Terra, covering over 17,500 acres, only the finest cane from the best plots of the domaine is selected to seize the essential element in the concoction of their traditional molasses rum. Benefiting from experts’ input, natural flavours resulting from the distillation, collected from the 52 distillation column trays, will produce the best rums from the African continent. Oak barrels from the Limousin, France, and Cognac cask will then do their work, slowly and patiently ageing rum, which will give Equiano all its flavour, softness, and its distinctive amber tan.


The Equiano Rum Co. take great pride in the name adorning their bottles. The founders https://www.craftrumclub.co//wp-content/uploads/2019/11/unnamed-2-1.jpg 5% of global company profits and £/$2 from every bottle sold through equianorum.com to ground-level Freedom + Equality projects annually. Their partner for 2021 is Anti-Slavery International, the oldest international human rights organisation in the world, with quarterly https://www.craftrumclub.co//wp-content/uploads/2019/11/unnamed-2-1.jpgs funding their work to eliminate modern slavery in all its forms around the world.

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