January’s Surprise Box of Spiced Rum Featuring Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced

Made Using Sustainable Natural Ingredients

Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced is made using sustainable natural ingredients and blended from the finest 5, 3 and 2-year-old rums, selected from four Caribbean islands for their unique flavour profiles.

We expertly infuse passion fruit, Persian lime with vanilla and cinnamon, giving an exceptional full-bodied Caribbean spiced rum. An exceptional sipping rum, with your favourite mixer and perfect in cocktails.

Further into our box this month;
x2 Fever Tree Madagascan Cola
X1 Fever Tree Spiced Ginger Ale
x1 Frobisher’s Mango Juice
x1 Blossom Syrups – Grenedine 10cl
x1 Salty Dog Corn Snack

#rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 022 (the only monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK) – featuring the rums of the month, recipes to inspire the homebartender, food corner, Soundsystem Culture featuring Luckycat and much more!


“Neptune Caribbean Spiced is a blend of Caribbean rums, spiced with a carnival of aromas & flavours from the tropics. The sweet smells of passion fruit , cinnamon, vanilla and Persian lime dominate this spiced rum giving it a citrusy edge”.

“Unlike many spiced rums, this rum does not have sugar added, so is not sticky or cloying on the palate. It is light bodied with a subtle taste of tropical fruits such as passion fruit & lime, with a balance of vanilla, caramel and warm fudge”.

“The end of this spiced rum is surprisingly dry, but welcomed as the array of fruit and spices blended with several Caribbean rums work pleasantly together. The lighter rums from Trinidad & Dominican Republic are complimented with fuller bodied rums from Barbados & Jamaica, thus create a richer finish to the spiced rum that with help carry its flavours in various mixed drinks & cocktails”.

Enjoy 🍹🍹🍹🍹😎😎🙏

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