Craft Rum Box August’s Rum of the Month – Smith and Cross Rum

Craft Rum Club – August’s Jamaican Funk Box of Rum Celebrates JA independence.

Our Craft Rum Box for August is a specially selected delicious rum from Jamaica. 





Also in our Rum Box is ‘RUMSPIRATION’ MAGAZINE (the ONLY Monthly Rum Magazine in the UK). Packed full of information about our craft rum of the month, distillers, and this month feature’s Exotic Tramp Chocolatier and an awesome mix by DJ mix by Dimz n Lawz with a 90’s Dancehall set here! & our cocktails of the month.

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Smith & Cross packs a punch with all the notes associated with higher ester rums – Smith and Cross Rum and the Jamaican Funk.

Jamaican Funk – The Expressions

SMITH & CROSS is a traditional Jamaican rum that represents the distinctively flavourful and aromatic style that made Jamaican rum famous – the Jamaican Funk.

Containing only heavier bodied Wedderburn and medium-bodied Plummer pot still distillates. These are famous for their notes of exotic fruits and spice. This rum is fermented using a local strain of yeast indigenous to Jamaica. Smith & Cross delivers a tour de force of flavour and complexity that historically made Jamaica Rum a cornerstone of many classic drinks. A blend of approximately equal parts Wedderburn and Plummer, the former aged for less than a year, and the latter blended from rums aged between 18 months and 3 years in white oak barrels.

Jamaican Funk – Tasting Notes

The nose is extremely aromatic and pungent with hints of alcohol that you would expect from this 57% ABV Jamaican pot still rum. Pineapple and ripe banana combine with more intense notes of tobacco, cocoa, cloves, cinnamon and spice to give a very intense nose.

Jamaican Rum is famous for producing a real burst of flavour as it hits your tongue. It is tantalised by the high alcohol and intensity of the pot still distillates. Initially sweet, sugar and caramel notes dominate, this sweetness then gives way to the intense fruit notes from the nose. These notes develop the character of prunes, sultanas and caramelised orange peel before more leathery, spicy, vanilla and tobacco notes take over. A long, long, warming finish driven by the high alcohol, sweet and spiciness.

The Daiquiri

Ingredients50ml Smith and Cross Rum | Fever-Tree Ginger Beer | Nim’s Orange and Juniper Infusions | Ice Cubes (not included)

MethodAdd ice to a tumbler | Pour the rum into the glass | Add Ginger Beer to taste | Garnish with the Nim’s Orange and Juniper

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