Island Slice Single Dark Rum Cocktail

Before we dive into why you should top up your glass with this dark beauty, let us indulge you in a bit of a back story to how Island Slice Single Dark Rum came to be.

This rum was developed, on paper, while our founder, Sylvester was thinking about the history of his father’s and forefather’s Rum drinks that date back throughout four generations of rum makers. Well-rounded, laid-back, dark, and mysterious. The perfect partnership combines the 200-year-old taste of St Lucia with flavours from Scotland’s finest specially selected Speyside whisky casks.

Now if St Lucia & Scotland sound like an intriguing mix your taste buds are curious to try, then we suggest a cocktail using our strawberry witch kings syrup, ginger beer, lime juice & ice to pack a punch in the summer heat. Don’t forget the snacks and kick back with some grooves from our DJ of the month music selection.

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