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Íon rum – June’s Box

For your June’s surprise box we have sourced a rum that is handcrafted in Ireland.  Íon Distillery in County Tyrone produces Irelands first 100% locally made craft rum.

The rum is produced from scratch in their purpose built Caribbean “Doubler-style” copper column still which is unique in Ireland and the UK.  They use water from their own artisan well which is under their distillery (and filtered through ancient volcanic rock), the finest blackstrap molasses and authentic rum yeasts.   Some of the spirit is then aged in bourbon barrels to create a unique light and fruity rum which is then finished in oak whiskey casks.

Íon rum is distilled in honour of the original Irish “Pirate Queen” Granuaile – the 16th Century scourge of the Atlantic. Notorious and known to the crown as Grace O’Malley, this fiery Irish woman lived, loved, fought and thrived in adversity.


In June’s box;

Íon Whiskey Cask Spiced Rum – 70cl/43% alc./vol

2x Sekforde Bespoke Botanical Mixer for Rum – 200ml

1x Keogh’s Honey and Sea Salt Popcorn – 33g


The Expressions

Íon rum is packed full of notes of caramel, vanilla and toffee.  A range of spices including ginger, citrus peel, cassia bark and ground kola nut are added. This is “a warming spiced rum experience like no other”

We enjoyed the rum neat or served over ice mixed with the Sekforde Botanical.  Keogh’s honey and sea salt popcorn is a great Irish snack we discovered when trying the rum.  Grown on their own farm in County Dublin, the corn Keogh’s use is larger, rounder, crunchier and packed full of flavour.

We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.


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