February’s Surprise Box of Craft Rum Featuring J. Gow Revenge Rum

Probably the smallest rum producing island in the world

J. Gow rum is named after Orkneys very own 18th century pirate John Gow. J. Gow Rum distillery sits metres away from the sea on Lamb Holm, a 0.15 square mile uninhabited island. Which makes it probably the smallest rum producing island in the world. John Gow’s short, violent career began in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and ended in Orkney. He was imprisoned, tried and hanged. Not once, but twice, (after the rope snapped the first time) at London’s execution dock on the 11th of June 1725. He was one of the last pirates hanged in London. 
After re-joining the family business in 2013. Collin worked several years for the Orkney Wine Company (making fruit wines). With his dad ultimately priming him to take over the business. Instead of taking over the business he took over half of the building, installed a 2000L pot still and started making rum in 2017. 
Revenge is a 3 year old pure single Scottish rum, launched in April 2021. Aged in ex-bourbon and virgin oak casks for three years. 
J. Gow Rum’s house style is heavy and full-bodied, and Revenge is no exception. Light funk, acidic fruit and caramel on the nose. Stone fruit, spice and toffee on the palate with over ripe peaches on the finish. A rich and deeply flavoured rum with no added sugar, artificial flavours or colourings.

Further into our box this month;
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X1 Double Dutch – Cucumber & Watermelon
x1 Witch Kings Bartender Syrups – Dandelion
Milk Chocolates Hearts 

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