Bone Idyll Botanical Rum

February’s Surprise Box of Spiced Rum Featuring Bone Idyll Botanical Rum

Craft By Day, Hustle By Night

Bone Idyll Botanical Rum is produced by Bone Idyll, a new spirits brand from successful Surrey restauranteurs, bartenders and all-round hospitality hot-shots Sam and Alex Berry. With the backing of the local community, Bone Idyll Distillery and Cocktail Bar opened its doors June 2022 in Kingston-upon-Thames. Describing themselves as “city meets country, old meets new” and have a real focus on balance; the same goes for their rum. They start off with a delicious base rum, this is their aged rum blend which they also bottle and sell. It’s a three-island blend from Barbados, Guyana, and the Dominican Republic, aged up to 8 years and averaging out at 5. Described as balance in a bottle, it is a perfect mix of pot still and column still. Pot still distillation is where big bold flavours are born, whereas column distillation produces much lighter and more subtle, but equally delicious spirits. 

But this is just the delicious base for the star of the show, Bone Idyll Botanical Rum. The base rum is re-distilled with scotch bonnet chillies, banana and lime leaf. When it comes out the still, it comes out clear so to return the colour, more of the aged rum blend is added along with water to dilute; that’s it, nothing more nothing less. You can find out more in this months edition of Rumspiration.

Immediately on the palate and the nose is that fresh pepper flavour; green, fresh, and vegetal the rum really starts off bright. Just before that starts to get too savoury, the banana comes in to save the day with fruity sweetness, the lime leaf finishes things off at the end with a touch of earthy citrus. All throughout and constantly underlying those flavours are all the beautiful balanced flavours of the three-island base rum blend. 

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