So you think you know everything about rum, well enter Drop Works with some inovative ideas to add to the party! Where quality control is managed to the exacting standards of Master Distiller Shaun “the Yeast Beast” Smith. One of the key features that stands out in their production comes from their master distiller, Shaun who is responsible for discovering the infamous DropWorks Wild Trinity Yeast. Never heard of it, yes we didnt think so, here is a little more detail on their unique process that creates the Drop Works rums.

Consisting of 3 yeast strains living together symbiotically – a world first that blew the minds of the scientists at the National Yeast Bank. This is used in all of our rums to create the unique, funky flavours that is becoming the DropWorks signature. DropWorks is committed to 100% transparency, and we urge you to come and see how we do things with a visit to our distillery. It is the perfect day out for anyone who wants to learn the science of fermentation, the art of distillation and the fun of drinking rare rums, cocktails and distillery exclusives! You can find out more on their website and read the full story in our rumspiration magazine of the month.

You can sample their unique and funky rums in our February subscription box or re-order your top up bottles from our shop. So what do you think about 3 strain yeast rum? Drop (get it lol) your thoughts below and enjoy.