Craft Rum Subscription Box Alert: White Rum Hare Distillery Spiced Rum


A remarkable journey of exploration and innovation inspired by Polly’s (chef at the White Hare Distillery) memories of her grandmothers Welsh Cake. The team at the White Hare Distillery were intrigued by her nostalgic tale and with careful craftsmanship and a deep respect for tradition, they combined a symphony of warm spices, capturing the essence of Grandma Mary’s Welsh Cakes in every sip.

WHD Spiced Rum

The WHD Spiced Rum has became a testament to the distillery’s commitment to preserving heritage, honouring the past while embracing the future. This is a wonderfully enticing rum with a homely aroma of sweet orange with a hint of cardamon, with orange and vanilla developing in the mouth to leave a warm lingering finish of spiced cinnamon.

Further into August’s box;

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♥️#rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 040 (the premier monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK) – featuring the rums of the month, recipes to inspire the homebartender and cocktails designed by Ian Burrell, the global rum ambassador @therumambassador , food corner, CRC Radio where we welcomed DJ Si Moutarde with another mix to enjoy when sipping your rum and cocktails.

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