Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert: Ron Colón Red Banana Oleo Rum

Ron Colón Red Banana Oleo

The original 55.5% abv dark aged rum blend consists of a blend of El Salvadorian and Jamaican rums with different age statements and produced in both copper pot and Column stills. Red Banana Oleo is a completely natural banana flavoured rum using some innovative methods to create a sweet but balanced rum blend. They begin by taking organic red bananas from El Salvador and separating the skins from the flesh. They combine the skins with sugar and leave to create a sweet syrup. Sounds pretty sweet to me! You can find out about the history, process and how best to serve up this tasty banana rum in our latest RUMSPIRATION magazine.

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♥️#rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 041 (the premier monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK) – featuring the rums of the month, recipes to inspire the homebartender and cocktails designed by Ian Burrell, the global rum ambassador @therumambassador , food corner, CRC Radio where we welcomed DJ Jo Sims with another mix to enjoy when sipping your rum and cocktails.

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