Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert: Ron Barceló 100% Organic Rum

Ron Barceló 100% Organic Rum

Introducing the first organic rum from the Dominican Republic, born from the fresh juice of sugar cane, extracted from one of Ron Barceló’s oldest and wildest fields. Nestled alongside a river adjacent to their distillery, lies an intimate yet exclusive organic plot. A sanctuary untouched by the residue of fertilizers or chemical additives, it embodies a harmonious coexistence with the natural world.

Ron Barceló Organic is aged within carefully selected oak wood cuts that have never been used before. Its blend of different ages gives it an intense amber colour, followed by subtle hints of cocoa, tobacco leaves, fleshy fruits and pink pepper.

Ron Barceló Organic is an exclusive, limited rum production – only 39,670 cases per year for the whole world! Be sure to get your hands on this special offering. You can read the full details in our magazine.

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