Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert October: Chairman’s Reserve Eco Series 1 Parrot


This limited edition of Chairman’s Reserve Rum celebrates the resplendent beautyand rarity of the Saint Lucian Parrot (Amazona versicolor) as framed by renowned local artist Daniel Jean-Baptiste. The population of the parrot is around two thousand birds and is reliant on the preservation of the Saint Lucian rainforest which is its natural habitat.


Daniel Jean-Baptiste is a Caribbean artist living in the paradise of Saint Lucia where sunny skies and abundant water and forest life provide constant inspiration. His artwork depicts underwater scenes, tropical botanical themes, and exotic animals in their rainforest surroundings. Besides his unique artistry, what makes Daniel’s creations particularly special is his use of 10mm Habotai silk as his canvas. The silk’s translucency and natural lustre enhance the colours and add a special vibrancy.

You can read the full back story in our latest RUMSPIRATION magazine. Purchase Chairmans Reserve box here

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