Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert November: Xwai Rum

Xwai Rum

Some of you may remember Daniel Idowu, Value Africa, from last year when we heard about his journey into the world of importing and distributing goods from Africa.

We are excited to welcome him back for Part II, and this time it’s with a glass of rum as promised!


South Africa doesn’t have a rich rum making industry. Xwai’s (pronounced /k/wai or kwhy) producer saw this as an opportunity.

Free from regulations they could innovate within the Rum category. To ensure their rum would be taken seriously on a world stage they looked at sourcing the best local ingredients, but also took inspiration from Caribbean countries, Jamaica in particular, to create a unique rum.

Xwai is made in Plaas Oppermanshoogde, Free State South Africa. Free State is often referred to as the “breadbasket” of South Africa because of its extensive agricultural activities, including farming of Sorghum, Maize, Cherries and more. The distillery named De Vry is based in Oranjeville and owned by the Du Plooy brothers.

You can read the full back story in our latest RUMSPIRATION magazine. Purchase kwai subscription box here.


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