Craft Rum Club Subscription Box Alert January: Kromanti Fine Rum

Connect to a rich heritage with Kromanti Fine Rum

Welcome rum lovers to January 2024’s hot new subscription box! we have a lot to celebrate and reveal in the year ahead. A bevy of new craft and spiced rums to discover in your mystery subscription box every month. We are super excited to kick off the year with our January box containg Kromanti Fine Rum. Read on and discover this family founded rum blended with a secret family recipe waiting to tantalise and awaken your palette with delighful spices and African heritage.

Kromanti’s mission is clear- to create a way for members of the African diaspora to connect with their past, connect with each other, and ultimately, feel more grounded in themselves. And beyond that, help the world understand and share in this joyful connection. Kromanti Kojo was a Jamaican maroon, a drummer, who was captured and exiled to Grenada during the second Maroon war in the late 18th century. Together, they inspired Grenada’s rebels to seize control of the plantations they were forced to work on and established a Maroon community at the island’s centre.

Kojo was well aware of how important the land’s natural ingredients were in providing healing and sustenance to one another. The herbs, spices and fruits in Kromanti rum can be traced back to the customs and practices of this community and their descendants who strove for freedom. Read the full enticing story in our RUMSPIRATION Magazine.

And now to the box content goodies!

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