June’s Surprise Award Winning SPICED Box of Rum from The Wing Walkers

June’s Surprise Award Winning SPICED Box of Rum uncovers an historical trademark, the original Wing Walker Rum disappeared in the 1960’s and has been rediscovered by Innovatus Drinks 

Inside The Wing Walkers Spiced Rum Box this month;

* The Wing Walker Rum – 70CL | 40% ABV

* x2 Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz – 200ml | 4% ABV 

* x2 Double Dutch Ginger Beer – 200ml

* Peakz Salted Caramel Crunchy Chocolate Squares

#rumspiration_magazine ISSUE 014 the only monthly Rum & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK) – featuring the rums of the month, interview with Phil Tufnell – retired England cricketer & King of the Jungle! DJ set from Steve Scallon, our cocktail of the month – a very summery Sherry Mojito Spritz, recipes to try, food corner as we embark on our 2nd year of publication.


Drinking neat, there is immediate orange on the nose, which follows through on tasting but combines with vanilla notes and slight caramel tones. Then comes a crescendo of molasses from the original rums, resulting in an exceptionally smooth long finish.


Very early on Innovatus knew they wanted to work with a Brand Ambassador for Wing Walker Rum, and it was fortuitous that they were introduced to the national treasure that is Phil Tufnell, England cricketer and King of the Jungle. Phil has been instrumental in getting Wing Walker off the ground. His passion, enthusiasm and sense of adventure is synonymous with what they had envisioned for their rum.

Innovatus stands for adventure. After the Great War, during which there were great strides in aircraft development and flying skills, hundreds of planes were lying around that were no longer needed. These could be snapped up for peanuts by young dare devils who had caught the flying bug. And so the flying circus was invented and within that, the Wing Walkers. The story goes that those that landed safely after performing a stunt were given a tot of congratulatory rum. The Wing Walker Premium Spiced Rum celebrates the sense of adventure of these intrepid aviators!

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