August’s Surprise SPICED Box of Rum from Warner’s Distillery – Trash & Treasure

August’s Spiced Box of rum is from the Warner’s Distillery and their new Botanical Rum -Trash and Treasure.

Inside our Spiced box this month;

* Trash & Treasure – 70CL | 40 % ABV

* X2 Merchant’s Heart Ginger Ale – 200ml

* X1 Witch King’s Hibiscus Syrup – 50ml

* X1 Witch Kings Ginger Syrup – 50ml

* X1 Sunita Lemon Juice

* X1 Frobisher’s Pineapple Juice 250ml

* X1 Peakz Wild Cassava Chips – Salt & Vinegar 40g

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Trash and Treasure uses botanicals, weeds and discarded peels to create a truly unique 100% natural spiced botanical rum. The creative journey helped flip the perspective on ingredients by utilising weeds and waste because one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

The inspiration was a weed, Taraxacum, more commonly known as the humble dandelion. Discovering dandelion could be turned into a botanical that creates a beautiful spice was a break through. Warner’s originally foraged the dandelion roots in local fields around the distillery. Once harvested they air dry above the stills and roast the root to create a uniquely British spice.

The roasted dandelion root is distilled with waste from over-ripe brown bananas and orange peel, farm-grown lemon verbena and several other spices including smoky black cardamom. The resulting tropical white Jamaican rum base, has a second round of botanicals soaked in it, with more roasted dandelion root, fresh orange, grapefruit peel and cassia bark resulting in dark colour without the need to add artificial colouring.


NOSE: Fresh orange & grapefruit, aromas of sponge pudding, caramel and honey

PALETE: A soft and creamy sweetness with a combination of Dandelion & Sichuan spice, vanilla and cinnamon

FINISH: A super tasty finish with a toasted earthiness, hints of vanilla, banana, and orange

Enjoy 😊 🍹🍹💥

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