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Meet The Maker Meets YouTube

Now you can watch us on YouTube. Since introducing monthly Meet The Maker events at the beginning of 2021 we have been exploring how we can enhance your experience. So we flicked through our rolodex of contacts and landed on Steve The Barman – ‘a lairy Bartender of 27 years, we found on YouTube, who likes Rum’. With Steve there are no right or wrong questions so we know he will bring the right mix of fun and knowledge when hosting our rum partners, unboxing our surprise rums and re-creating our cocktails of the month.

So Who is Steve the Barman?!

  • YouTuber
  • Rum Expert (In Training)
  • Epic Hen Party Cocktail Masterclasses (up to x15)
  • Proud Cornishman residing in South Cambridgeshire!

Steve tells us ‘Covid was interesting for him!’ Transitioning his Business from In-Person Events, being the UK’s No1* Hen Party Cocktail Masterclass entertainer, to YouTuber! He’s been uploading consistently to YouTube since 2017. But that very first weekend of Lockdown 1.0, his Channel exploded, ‘now my claim to fame is the most viewed Pornstar Martini person on the interwebs!’ And now he generates in excess of 350,000 views a month over his 5 Channels.

In Summer 2021, Steve decided to niche his main YouTube Channel and focus on his True Passion. RUM. He says ‘I wanted to embark on a Rum journey and take as many people along for the ride as possible. Focusing on Rums under £50! And that is what his YouTube Channel is now. Rum. (and Spiced Rums…but mainly proper Rum)’.

We hope you join us in giving Steve a warm welcome to our community and don’t forget to watch us on YouTube. Our pilot will be aired live 15 May at 8pm and we hope you can join us.

Keep an eye on our socials and magazine for future episodes.

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