May’s Spiced Craft Rum Box from Spiced Hunter

Spice Hunter – 70cl/38%  alc./vol  
x1 Long Tail Blood Orange Mixer – 200ml
x1 Long Tail Island Spice Mixer – 200ml

Reggae Reggae Crisp – 40g
Simply Almond Syrup – 250ml
Sunita Lemon Juice – 200ml

Nim’s Grapefruit Infusions Slices
(snacks may contain traces of nuts and other allergens – please check before consuming)

The Expressions 
Spice Hunter Rum packs a bold flavour punch. 13 exotic spices have been expertly blended with a premium Mauritian rum from the Medine distillery.  The base rum is distilled in Mauritius from single-estate sugar cane and aged on the estate for a more complex and richer flavour.

Tasting Notes
The combination of spices and aged rum produces a bold yet balanced taste for a rum that doesn’t get lost in the mix. Intense notes of ginger, cloves and nutmeg give way to a lingering spicy finish.

Lucky Orange Fizz

Ingredients | 60ml Spice Hunter | 15ml almond syrup | 7.5ml lemon juice | Long Tail blood orange mixer | Nim’s Grapefruit Infusions

Method | Build in a glass with cubed ice and garnish with grapefruit

Don’t forget to try Hunter Spice with Long Tail Island Spice served over ice and garnished with grapefruit