Craft Rum Box May’s Spiced Rum of the Month – Spiced Hunter Rum

Craft Rum Club – May’s Spiced Rum of the month is from Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd Spice Hunter Craft Rum Box for May is a specially selected delicious rum from Mauritius and boldly Spiced. 

Spice Hunter – 70cl/38%  alc./vol  
x1 Long Tail Blood Orange Mixer – 200ml
x1 Long Tail Island Spice Mixer – 200ml

Reggae Reggae Crisp – 40g
Simply Almond Syrup – 250ml
Sunita Lemon Juice – 200ml

Nim’s Grapefruit Infusions Slices
(snacks may contain traces of nuts and other allergens – please check before consuming)

Spice Hunter – The Expressions 

Spice Hunter Rum packs a bold flavour punch. 13 exotic spices have been expertly blended with a premium Mauritian rum from the Medine distillery.  The base rum is distilled in Mauritius from single-estate sugar cane and aged on the estate for a more complex and richer flavour.

Tasting Notes from Berry Bros & Rudd

The combination of spices and aged rum produces a bold yet balanced taste for a rum that doesn’t get lost in the mix. Intense notes of ginger, cloves and nutmeg give way to a lingering spicy finish. With a perfumed nose full of musk and exoticism, this rum charms and entices with equal measure. Pink peppercorn, vanilla, waxed apple skin and rosehip crowd the nose, while the palate affords floral tea, beeswax and glacé cherries. Joyously, this isn’t too unctuous, with no excess sweetness beyond a supple fleshiness to balance the spice. It just cries out for a wedge of orange and lashings of ginger beer or cola, for a refreshing salve any night of the week.

Lucky Orange Fizz – Cocktail of the Month

Ingredients | 60ml Spice Hunter | 15ml almond syrup | 7.5ml lemon juice | Long Tail blood orange mixer | Nim’s Grapefruit Infusions

Method | Build in a glass with cubed ice and garnish with grapefruit

Don’t forget to try the rum with Long Tail Island Spice served over ice and garnished with grapefruit

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