Craft Rum Box February’s Rum of the Month – Clifton Estate from the Island of Nevis

Craft Rum Club – Febuary’s Spiced Rum of the month is Clifton Estate

February’s Craft Rum Box is specially a hand crafted selected Rum from the Island of Nevis

February’s small batch artisanal rum produced by Mark Theron comes from the Caribbean Island of Nevis. Only natural ingredients are used to infuse flavour into this multi award-winning spiced rum. There are no artificial flavourings or oils used in any part of the distilling process – Clifton Estate is a truly hand crafted spiced rum.

The base rum is from Antigua and aged in oak casks for 2+ years giving the pour a bright orange brown colour. The rum is then transferred into the maturation tanks (which are glass) and secret real island spices are added which also contribute to the distinctive colour found in Clifton Estate rum.

In February’s box;

Clifton Estate Nevis Spiced Rum – 50cl/40% vol

X2 Grace Coconut Water – 310ml

X1 Grace Paprika Plantain Chips – 85g

Clifton Estate Spiced Rum – The Expressions

Swirling the rum around in a sipping glass see’s great thick legs (the addition of honey holds them up) and aromas of cinnamon.

The expertise of the distiller shines through with subtle flavours of orange zest, honey, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg landing on the palette. The body is medium ending towards heavyweight with the addition of honey. This does not affect the feel of the spirit as it is so well rounded. There is a considerable long finish when sipping which pushes this spiced rum firmly into the premium category. The painstaking distilling process and infusion of Mark Theron’s secret spices from the Island of Nevis has paid off creating in our view a unique craft rum – the Clifton Estate.

We would recommend trying Clifton Estate on its own in a sipping glass to savour its qualities. For a great pairing add a shot over ice in a highball glass and pour Grace’s coconut water to taste. Sit back and enjoy Grace’s paprika plantain chips for those warm Caribbean vibes.

We look forward to supplying your next bottling of fine rum.

Cheers, from

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